The Database-Portal Development Team

I am GiPOCO, the only developer in the team ;) this page I tell You the story (and something about the future) of this very ambitious software project.

On october 2007 I started up the development of this project, trying to make order and put online the really rare and original punk discography of some friends of mine. The project started more then an year before, but the programming part began in 2007. Everything was really hard to setup, but after some months we became fast and efficient. I published the website on Christmas and after an Year it was quite stable and fast (both in terms of backend operations and frontend page response time).

We dedicated the next years to refine the details of the software framework, in particular the backend: the administration, very useful to publish new records in realtime and generate statistics. I work just for free; when (and IF) I will equalize the profit and loss/expenses/time/etc I will release this piece of code under a GPL license., make an offer, please (contact un by email).

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This is a web-site build using our platform: an italian old and rare books database

Fencing Bibliography

Discography Case History

This is our main development environment, with thousands of records and images

Punk Discography