Database-Portal Credits Page

Thanks to all friends who help me every day with ideas and bug-hunting.

Database-Portal was born il 2007 because some friends of mine needed a website for their artistical and political intent to rise the visibility of the punk/post-punk movement in Italy and in the world. I looked for a free CMS just ready to install and cofigure for them, but I did´t find what they want, then I decided to write my own cms from scratch!

A great part of the time spent in this project was profuse in the database design and optimization. Then the design of the album page, the CSS, HTML5 validation, the logo, all housing and hosting details, various domain migrations, costs reductions, etc.

After four years of development the code was ready for production and we came on-line! The next idea was a very difficult challenge: adapt the code for generic bibliography and discography storage, arrangement and publication. My passion for old books was a perfect motivation, able to give me a reason to refine my cms.

Now the next step is the foundation of a complete web-admin for the management of the bibliography/discography. After this step I will be ready to discover if this product will be loved by the open-source community :)

Bibliography Case History

This is a web-site build using our platform: an italian old and rare books database

Fencing Bibliography

Discography Case History

This is our main development environment, with thousands of records and images

Punk Discography