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DB-Portal can manage a large discography website quickly and safely.

You can catalog: all kind of vinyls (7", 10", 12", etc), CD (CDR), Audio Tapes and Ampex, Minidisc, DCC, DAT, DVD (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-DL), BluRay, VCD, VHS, all kind of compact videocamera cassettes (MiniDV, HDV, Hi8...), DVD-Audio, SACD, and every "memorabilia" (poster, pass, fanzine, postcard, box, flyer, ticket)

The database can store informations about: author, title, year of print, of publication, of reprint, date of entry and date of the last modification of the records, country of the author and country of print, genre, type of media, number of media, index, availability (common, rare), label, catalog, height, width, thickness, color, diameter, tracklist, inner sleeve, inner hole, RPM, money paid for the work and current market value, from who it was donated by, geographical area, technical notes and review, a vote from the editor and from the web, web links, etc.

Some fields (money paid, vote, etc) may be saved but not published on the web site, just like a "private" note column, a disable flag, some empty input-texts, etc. The public notes and the review text-areas are multilingual.

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This is a web-site build using our platform: an italian old and rare books database

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This is our main development environment, with thousands of records and images

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