Database-Portal Features Page

DB-Portal in a CMS hostable on a standard, modern, compatible LAMP server.

Database-Portal is written in PHP, without any other pregramming language involved and without cron or other scripts that need to be scheduled on the server´s operating system. It´s fast to install and VERY fast in generating web-pages online.

All data reside in the Mysql database. The application is compatible with versions 4, 5, 6 and future versions of Mysql, because of it´simplicity. The installation is quite simple: just copy the php code in the webdir´s virtualhost directory via FTP or shell and upload the SQL dump via phpmyqdmin or again via shell. Then you can login in the webadmin and insert all your albums/books and images/movies/mp3 attachments.

The cms is ready to search in your discography/bibliography and generate web reports to browser online your records. There are also additional services: a web gallery, a link page, a registration page to get contacts, a video/multimedia page.

Bibliography Case History

This is a web-site build using our platform: an italian old and rare books database

Fencing Bibliography

Discography Case History

This is our main development environment, with thousands of records and images

Punk Discography